Regulation & Licensing

One key factor of opening your own Forex Broker is regulations. Do you need one? Which jurisdiction to choose from? How much will it cost?

Luckily you have FXstartup team to help you navigate through these questions and make the best decision for you and your budget. We will talk to you and understand your business objectives and your clients. Then we will make the most appropriate suggestions. For example, we will consider your budget, your clientele and your own preferences. Once this is clear to us, we will then refer you to the best provider and the best regulatory authority for your Forex business.

Who knows, we might even tell you hey, no need to regulate. We will setup your business without it. Saving you money, time and plenty of headache.

We say this with confidence because we have setup many regulated and non-regulated firms all of which are in full operation and are performing well.

Who knows, we might even tell you “hey, no need to regulate“.