About Us

We’ve created many forex companies, so we know exactly what you need, and where you can get it. Use our experience to decrease your costs, save time and start your Forex Broker business ASAP!

Before we started FXstartup, we worked in Forex companies and Forex consultancy firms ourselves. Our team consists of people with managerial experiences in the Dealing Room, Marketing and Institutional development of some of the big names in the industry.Through our experience we realized how little information is out there for startup forex businesses to start their own forex brokerage successfully.We’ve seen so many people lose so much time and so much money because of mistakes, wrong advice or lack of available information.

This is why we decided to start our own Forex consultancy firm to help others benefit form our experience and knowledge.So far we have helped tens of clients start and operate a very successful and cost effective forex brokerage company. WE also do this absolutely for FREE.

How can we manage to offer our services for FREE and how do we make money? Well, sometimes we will offer you additional services and we will let you know that these are paid services. We also offer additional services to our partners, that’s you, such as Daily or weekly Forex Technical Analysis, website translation, and Introducing Broker (IB) service. We will negotiate a fee for these services if you ask for them.